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Events services

Amalur is a nomad massage parlor and travels wherever you are to offer a relaxation space that will make you fall under its spell. Count on Amalur to bring a touch of elegance to your event. Its atmosphere of simplicity and kindness will appeal to your guests, employees, customers... Improve the quality of life of those around you through massage, they will remember it:

• Relieves musculoskeletal disorders.
• Improves mood and feeling of satisfaction.
• Stimulates the immune system.
• Increases concentration.
• Brings a boost of energy.

Make a difference, create connections and cultivate your reputation.

Korean relaxation

Sequence of movements through vibrations, stretching, rocking, percussion... A wave of relaxation towards a feeling of openness. Practice clothed.


Balinese leg massage

Harmony between softness and dynamism, deep muscular relaxation and flexibility of the joints. Oil massage.


Amma seated

Technical and precise sequence, composed of percussion stretching pressures and sweeps. Practiced seated and dressed. Ideal for releasing daily tensions.


Plantar reflexology

Releases heavy, tired and aching feet. Treats various body pains through pressure points. Oil massage.


Lifting massage

Stimulates the skin muscles, activates blood circulation and re-oxigenates the epidermis. Anti-aging, draining, firming. Oil massage.


Ayurvedic head massage

Stimulates blood circulation to the scalp and provides oxygen to the hair follicles, for abundant and healthy hair. Excellent remedy for depression, migraines, stress, insomnia and hair loss. Improves concentration. Lightly oiled massage.